Lindsay Lohan Club Brawl Accuser Claims Michael Lohan Planned It

Remember when Lindsay Lohan punched that girl/psychic at that NY Club.
Well, the woman who was punched, Tiffany Mitchell, claims Daddy Lohan AKA Michael Lohan set the whole thing up!
In a series of tweets, she said Michael sent her to the club to essentially, “start some sh*t” all to get Lindsay to go to rehab.
“Truth is, I was approached and hired by Michael Lohan to cause a scene at the nightclub in question,” says Tiffany in a strange tweet.
Also, Tiffany added on Twitter that she dropped Gloria Allred as her lawyer and is now waiting for Michael to pay her for, “carrying out the job.”
“@MichaelJLohan Lies as usual where’s my check???” she writes.
Michael is now claiming the tweets are coming from a fake account and believes his ex-wife Dina is behind the whole thing.
"I believe after Dina getting that legal notice, I guarantee she put someone up to it! It's just another attack by Dina," Michael told Hollyscoop.
"This will be investigated. If it turns out Dina is behind this, this will go legal,” he added.
“I sent her a cease and desist letter the other day. I will have to expand that to ‘do not harass or have any contact personally or through a third party.’”
Michael also tweeted: "The TiffMitchell1 acount is an imposter per Gloria Allred @dinalohan won't stop, leave "US" alone!
"You started this @dinalohan. If you want a war, u got it! Destroyed lives, including UR own but you won't destroy ours! God wins satan loses
It is not Tiffany Mitchell!!!! Her lawyer said it was NOT! It was @dinalohan trying to start more drama for me #obsessed (sic)."
Who do you believe?

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