Katie Holmes Spending Christmas Alone

Womp womp. Katie Holmes is spending Christmas alone and this is super sad.
How do I know this? Unfortunately it’s not because Katie and I are super BFF and were talking about her Holiday plans over brunch, but rather because Tom Cruise told reporters last night at the London premiere of his new movie that he’s spending Christmas with ALL his kids, i.e. Suri, i.e. so who is going to hang out with Katie? Exactly.
“We have got lots of very special things planned [for the holidays],” Cruise told reporters, adding that he will be spending Christmas with all three of his kids Bella, Connor AND Suri.
“We are all going to be together. I am looking forward to it,” says the star.
I know what you may be thinking, is this a scientology brainwashing session waiting to happen? Tom, Bella and Connor are all super pro scientology and Katie is desperately trying to get Suri away from that lifestyle. Christmas is gonna be all like, Open your gifts Suri also PRAISE XENU!
I’m also afraid that Tom Cruise is going to move to the UK. He’s currently there filming a new sci-fi action film and is basically gushing over how great it is in London.
“I love it here,” says the actor, “I have made so many films here and I have worked with so many of the actors here. It is a wonderful place to live.”
How then will little Suri EVER see her dad? Also, I have no idea why I’m so invested in this family. Anyways, Tom Cruise is in a movie and spending Christmas with Suri. The end.

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