Katie Holmes Wants More Kids

You might not be familiar with The Silent Art of the Katie Holmes Interview.

For those who need a quick introductory course, pick up this topic's most recent guidebook (a copy of the latest Allure) to get the gist of how every single one of them unfolds: The interviewer compliments her on her hair, Katie coquettishly half-smiles. The interviewer asks her a question about Things And Stuff In General and because only half her mouth opens apparently she gives the expected coquettish half-answers.

When asked if she can envision having more children in the future? "I don't know," she says. "I'm open to it," she half-smiles.

The only thing keeping me from doing Katie Holmes-inspired half-yawns right now is that her response semi-validates the full-blown fantasies we've all already had of another well-dressed Mini-Holmes walking hand-in-hand with the walking, talking, J.Crew Kids catalog, Suri Cruise.
Also, can you imagine how cuuuute that future-Holmes-she's-"open"-to's body double is gonna look?! Get ready for a new shift in the Internet's Cuteness Hierarchy: Cats > Dogs > Suri Cruise > Jennifer Lawrence GIFs > The Future Suri Cruise Sibling Her Mom Is "Open" To > Suri Cruise in a Peacoat > All Their Body Doubles in Matching Peacoats.
Other things Katie is "open" to?

Uncaging her inner legal eagle and attending law school, maybe. "Well, my brother and father are attorneys, and—we'll see," she says. "I like the practical thinking of attorneys," she half-smiles.

Also, returning to Broadway, maybe. "I was open to—well, to whoever wanted me," she says. "But it was always my goal to make it back to the stage," she half-smiles.

Something she's not "open" to? Putting me to sleep with her interviews, maybe.

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