Vintage Pics of Katy Perry as a Slightly Emo LA Party Girl

The Cobra Snake / The Cobrasnake
Long before she was pre-fiancéed to John Mayer, long before she was shooting whipped cream out of her *ahem* cans, long before she was married to Russell Brand, Katy Perry was just a low-level, partially emo trash monster, LA party girl and a total magnet for roaming party photographers. 
Vintage Pics of Katy Perry as a Slightly Emo LA Party Girl

It appears as if Katy hit up nearly every semi-sponsored party in LA in her early days while she was trying to “make it,” because notorious party photographer The Cobrasnake was all about taking photos of Katy Perry and plastering them all over his blog.
Katy Perry was like Ke$ha, if Ke$ha never became famous.

For a while she was the main image in a photo album. Like, “Hey, cute girls were at this party, click on my photo album.”

Look, it actually is Katy Perry and Ke$ha partying together.


For some reason the photographer followed them into the cab.


This was back when Katy only had dreams of STARdom.


Katy at the once-popping Eva Longoria-owned restaurant, Beso.


When she partied with old dudes.

Katy was all over the place.


She literally did not miss a single party in LA.

This was when she was almost famous and was dating Travis McCoy.

But mostly she was just another drunk LA girl on a couch with her friends at a nightclub.

The photographer must have noticed Katy’s talent and followed her around for a daytime photo shoot.

Katy was into giant teddy bears long before Miley Cyrus.

But mostly she was just a slightly emo party girl, just like everyone else.

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