The Most Exciting Things About Miley Are Happening in Her Mouth

The Most Exciting Things About Miley Are Happening in Her Mouth
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There’s a lot going on in that mouth.
Miley Cyrus got a new inner lip tattoo and like most things involving Miley’s mouth, it got people talking.

That’s a sad yellow cat emoji on the inside of her lower lip.

It’s kind of like this one.
The jury’s still out on whether it’s real or not (the color’s already fading), but this is Miley after all, so who knows what’s really happening here.
This is just further proof that Miley’s mouth is an ecosystem unto itself. It manages to grab more headlines than most artists' entire bodies.

Just ask Katy Perry.
At a recent concert, Katy was caught off guard when Miley tried to tongue-kiss her, which eventually sparked a semi-lighthearted feud between the two.

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Because when it comes to anything related to Miley Cyrus' mouth, it can’t be tamed.
Perez Hilton

Even during the more subdued moments, her mouth is capturing the media’s attention.
That’s one emotional mouth in the video for “Wrecking Ball.”

It’s basically self-parody.
Real exciting stuff.

Her mouth knows exactly what it’s doing.

A mouth with a mind of its own.
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