‘Resurrection’ Recap: Caleb’s Dead Victim is [SPOILER]

The third episode of ‘Resurrection’ answered some big mysteries, including who Caleb killed in last week’s cliffhanger. Plus, why does Henry refuse to accept Jacob into his life? Keep reading to find out!

Who did the creepy Caleb leave bloodied and bruised in last week’s Resurrection cliffhanger? Tonight’s March 23 episode revealed the poor victim, and also introduced more people who came back from the dead.

Resurrection — A Loving Son Never Forgotten 

In this week’s episode of ABC’s Resurrection, Henry Langston (Kurtwood Smith) continued to struggle with the return of his son Jacob (Landon Gimenez), while his wife Lucille Langston (Frances Fisher) continued to flaunt her resurrected son around town like a new designer handbag she was dying to show off.
After Jacob made numerous attempts to bond with his dad, Lucille asked Henry why he couldn’t welcome Jacob back into his life. “The man I married would never treat a child this way,” she says, to which Henry responds that their son is in his tomb. “You know what that means?” he asks. “There are two…Now what am I supposed to do with that?” Good point, Henry!
In a very touching scene, Henry goes on to explain the real reason he can’t accept the new Jacob because he never let go of the old Jacob (“I still see him in my dreams”), he tells his wife. It’s all very sweet and clearly Henry loved his son very much. This father-son relationship is one the show should continue to explore going forward — the most interesting scenes happen between Jacob and Henry.
Meanwhile, the father-son relationship between Caleb (the very creepy Sam Hazeldine) and his son Ray (Travis Young) is becoming more and more tense and Ray thinks his old man is an alien. Ray’s sister Elaine (Samaire Armstrong) — who her father can’t believe is still single (seriously girl, join OK Cupid!), is much more willing to welcome her dad back into her life, especially since she needs the help (she’s two months behind on her mortgage and her brother isn’t that hardworking!). But something tells me Elaine shouldn’t be too trusting when it comes to her pops — he’s definitely hiding something and he may have killed someone!

Resurrection: Who Did Jacob Kill in Last Week’s Cliffhanger? 

The most jaw-dropping moments of tonight’s episode came at the very end. Pasto Tom Hale (Mark Hildreth) — who has been defending Lucille and Jacob against the townsfolk who want them banned from the church (so mean!) — found a woman bloodied and bruised at the very end of the episode and when she turned around, it was revealed that it was his ex-wife Rachel! “Did I really die, Tom?” she asks. Yikes!
I kind of like the idea of new resurrections taking place every week — it’ll keep the show fresh and make the town more interesting (seriously what’s going on over there?). And now the Pastor has to explain his ex’s return to his new wife (she isn’t going to be happy about that!).
And the biggest reveal of all was  when J. Bellamy (Omar Epps) found the body of the murdered Dale Getheard (Jason Saucier) who Caleb seemed to kill in last week’s cliffhanger. We still don’t know why Caleb killed Dale, but we’re betting he won’t be Caleb’s last victim (dude’s got crazy eyes!).
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