Charlie Sheen Wants Everyone To Stop Calling His Porn Star Fiancee A Porn Star

This fiancee right here. (Adding… Haha! The sink’s like a dick.)
Charlie Sheen got engaged to Brett Rossi last weekend which was widely reported along with the fact that she’s a porn star. Except not anymore because Charlie Sheen’s making an honest woman out of her, and everyone knows that makes some sort of magic happen where penises didn’t repeatedly enter her vagina on camera for money. The Warlock can’t believe you puke-maggots don’t know that. Radar reports:
“It’s absolutely making Charlie crazy that the media keeps referring to Brett as a porn star, because she no longer is doing that. She recently graduated from nursing school,” an insider told Radar.
“Furthermore, her stage name is Brett Rossi, her legal name is Scottine Ross. He wants people to refer to her as Scotti, which is the name she goes by in her personal life. Charlie has told his publicist to tell media outlets to stop calling her a porn star.”
In Charlie Sheen’s defense, this is the woman he’s going to marry for love and not because she immediately wants a kid in her that guarantees her a house like Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards got. Haha! Where would you get that from?
“Bret wants to start a family with Charlie immediately,” an insider tells Radar. “She doesn’t want to wait to have kids, and thinks Charlie will be an amazing father.”
Sheen is already a father of six. But in the midst of the custody drama surrounding his twins with ex-wife Brooke Mueller, Max and Bob, Sheen “isn’t quite ready to become a father for the sixth time,” the source explains. “He definitely wants kids with Brett, but he doesn’t want to rush into it. This is the one thing they can’t seem to agree on!”
Charlie Sheen is an amazing father already, so nothing suspicious there, you snot-nosed purveyor of lies. Next, you’re probably going to come up with some bullshit like Brett is still married to another dude:
The adult film actress still has a divorce to settle, Sheen’s rep Jeff Ballard confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.
So what? Who isn’t still technically married to someone at any given moment? The important thing is these two fell in love naturally like every other attractive, 20-something blonde with huge tits and an old guy with missing and/or disgusting teeth. Money has absolutely nothing to do with it, so why don’t you douche-waters stop mentioning the part where Brett Rossi sold her body for it, is all Charlie Sheen is asking. One’s got nothing to do with the other
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