Bertney And The Moobie Party

Bertney loved moobies. They were always such a fun way to past the time while at home or riding in the car. Especially with Furnch fries! Her favorites have talking animals in them, silly puppets, and sometimes her old friends from being a Mouseketeer.
“Ryan Goose’s car go vroom vroom!” Bertney can often be heard giggling while taking long trips to the grocery store.
Which is why tonight was a special night because Bertney gets to go to a moobie party with Mr. David and wear a fancy dress. Bertney loved wearing fancy dresses. It was the only time Papa didn’t make her wear a bra. Bra’s made Bertney very sad.
While the makeup people made Bertney look purty and gave her special pills so she won’t talk funny, or even much at all, Bertney thought about a different kind of moobie she saw once. She found it in Papa’s closet with his old stuff from Leezyanna. Bertney missed Leezyanna and talkin’ to the gators in the swamp, so she was hoping this would be a moobie about her old friends, Mr. ChompChomp and Toofyniggins.

When Bertney pushed play, she saw five men in silly animal masks, so right away she knew she was going to like this moobie a lot. Bertney watched as they played with a little girl inside a candle circle and gave her a special hat made of antennalers. Then they all did a silly dance on top of her. It was the goofiest thing Bertney had ever seen! She wished she had animal friends to do silly dances with her.
Later that night, she asked Papa about the moobie, and he must’ve remembered how silly it was because he started acting very, very goofy himself. So goofy that he took off his face and looked like a giant squidderpus!
“Berbley Blean,” Papa said. “Blue have bloken the blin blemblane blebleen blis blorld and the blarkness! BLEBARE BLOR BLEALITY TO BLUMBLE AND BLAOS TO BLULE BLABLOSS BLIS BLEALM!”
Bertney had no idea what in the world Papa was talking about, and she couldn’t help but giggle. His tentacles moved with every word!
“Bline,” Papa said. “Bly blan blee blore blot blissebing. Blue blunts blice bream?”
Bertney understood that part!
“Me me me,” she squealed. “I do, I do, I do!”
And so Papa put on his people face, and together they walked down the street to get sugar cones.

The End.
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