26 Unanswered Questions from Last Night’s 'Pretty Little Liars' Finale

26 Unanswered Questions from Last Night’s \'Pretty Little Liars\' Finale
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The heart-racing finale of “Pretty Little Liars” premiered last night, leaving us with more questions than answers.
Because this was the general consensus from fans:

We’ve rounded up the most burning queries that kept us tossing and turning all night.
1. If Toby went to London to warn Spencer’s sister that Spencer has relapsed and Spencer’s sister is back, then where the hell is Toby?

2. Whatever happened to that bird? Is it just a coincidence that the restaurant is also named Mockingbird?

3. Is Mrs. DiLaurentis really dead? Or is she buried alive like Ali?

4. Is Ezra going to survive?
5. If Mona knew that Ali is alive this whole time, why didn’t she tell anybody?

6. If Mona is pulling all the strings, then how could Ezra make her break up with Aria’s brother?

7. Why didn’t they just shoot "A" when they had the chance?

8. What did Melissa whisper to her father in the police station? Did she confess to something?

9. If Melissa admitted to killing the mystery blonde, is her dad going to turn her in?

10. Whose bones were sewn inside of Spencer’s wedding dress?

11. Where was Jason DiLaurentis in all this?

12. Where was Paige McCullers in all this?

13. Since Ezra knows who "A" is, does that mean we’ll be able to find out from his manuscript?

14. Did Ali know that Mona had the lair in the hotel room?

15. Who hit Ali in the back of the head with a rock?

16. Who is Mrs. DiLaurentis protecting? Because obviously that’s "A"…

17. …and what kind of sicko buries their own daughter?!

18. Will the girls ever be able to forgive Ali for what she put them through?

19. What’s the understanding that Mr. Hastings was referring to with Mrs. DiLaurentis?

20. Is Ali going to return or stay hidden?

21. Why would Mona suggest Ali faked her own death?

22. Could Mrs. DiLaurentis be protecting Jason? After all, she wouldn’t want to turn in her own son…or would she?

23. Why didn’t Mrs. Grunwald warn the girls about Ali’s mom if she’s a psychic and all?
24. Who is sending Ali all those texts?

26. And why does June 10th have to be so far away?!?!

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