Justin Bieber’s One Night Stand Posts Video of Him Sleeping

Well, creepier things have happened.
Some girl who spent the night at Justin Bieber’s Brazilian party pad just uploaded a video of Justin Bieber sleeping like a damn angel.
So much for those confidentiality agreements Justin makes his hookers/friends/and partiers sign.
It’s not clear if the girl in the video was one of the prostitutes he met during his visit to a brothel or one of the regular girls he met at a nightclub and brought back for an insane mansion party.
An insider told The Daily Mail that she was a regular (i.e. non-prostitute) who partied at his house and fell asleep there.
Justin Bieber’s One Night Stand Posts Video of Him Sleeping
“There were a bunch of guys and a bunch of women hanging out…he fell asleep and someone walked in and took a picture,” said the source.
Well, we stalked the chick’s Facebook (Youtube commenters have identified her based on the fact that she appears to be wearing the same shirt in this pic as in the video) and let’s just say that a very high number of her Facebook friends tend to be scantily clad in their photos. 

She could be a regular girl with a lot of sexy looking friends or...you be the judge.
Oh, and for good measure, some other girl posted a stack of money on Twitter and wrote “Thanks @justinbieber for the fresh dolla bills.”
We’re not gonna say she’s a prostitute either but she has screengrabs from what looks like a p*rn she’s in on her Twitter account, so again, maybe she’s a p*rn star who takes stacks of money from pop stars or…again, YOU BE THE JUDGE!
Here's the video of Bieber sleeping.
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