Ireland Baldwin Bending Over In Daisy Dukes

Alec Baldwin has been in some shit since calling a photographer a “cocksucking fag” yesterday, or “fathead” as acoustics will undoubtedly prove clearing Alec’s good, tolerant name. So to put a stop to this horseshit, Alec Baldwin set out to find his gay hairstylist and literally shove him in front of the cameras to make him do schtick. Which sounds bad enough until, not even exaggerating, he verbally and physically assaulted a news reporter and a photographer on his way to the salon because this was apparently his morning:
“Razza frazza, call me intolerant. *berates news reporters* I’ll fucking show them who doesn’t have a hateful bone in his body. What are you looking at?! *slams paparazzo into car* Teach them a lesson… *storms into salon* You! Faggot who cuts my hair, outside. NOW. *drags stylist outside* Make this look good. Gentleman! I’m glad you’re here. You see this man? He puts penises in his mouth yet I still let him cut my hair. Would a real homophobe do that? I don’t think so. Now, get back to work, ya cocksucker. Ha! See, how we kid? I hope he gets married to a nice fudgepacker. I really do. Now, back the fuck off, I have a gun.”
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