‘Awkward’ Preview Clip: Jenna Lies To Matty On Her Birthday

A new clip from the second half of ‘Awkward’s’ third season has arrived! Witness Jenna reach new levels of awful.

The following two statements about Awkward are known to be true: First, Matty (Beau Mirchoff) is not only the greatest boyfriend alive, but he’s also in the running for greatest human; and second, Jenna (Ashley Rickards) is simply the absolute worst. Ever.
Never before have these two statements been more provable than in this brand-new clip released by MTV, which finds Matty being way too nice to Jenna on her birthday — totally unaware that she’s cheating on him with Collin (Nolan Funk)!
Seriously, I dare you to watch this clip while resisting the urge to reach through your computer screen and shake Matty. His total ignorance is only going to make the eventual reveal of Jenna’s affair all the more heartbreaking.
(Did I mention he sings?!)
Awkward returns for the second half of its third season Oct. 22 on MTV.

WATCH: Jenna Lies To Matty On ‘Awkward’

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