All The Times Beyonce Scolded Her Fans On Video

According to medieval legend, when someone upsets King Beyoncé, few live to tell the tale—let along capture it on camera.
At a recent Atlanta concert, while performing her signature sing-it-with-me-now smash “Irreplaceable,” Bey transitions into the fun-filled, call-and-response section of the song for a little audience participation. A royals mingling with the commoners fare.
But then a fan she signaled out in the audience dropped the ball. Or more specifically, held up the camera, became so lost in recording the concert, he missed out on the real life Beyoncé holding a mic right in front of him.
“Put down that damn camera!” she ordered him in an ultimatum sure to haunt his dreams for eternity.
And much to the ire of Bey because he couldn’t get in the groove of the song. “Put that damn camera down!” she summonded of thee.
This isn’t the first (and won't be the last time) a fan didn’t comply with Beyoncé’s wishes during her performance of “Irreplaceable” on this current world tour. She had to put a fan back in his damn place after he slapped her backside as she trotted across the stage.
And let’s not forget that one time when she threatened to fire someone mid-song, truly the most terrifying of all.

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