Why Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry Would Never Work Out

Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry are spending A LOT of time together. Like, too much, if you ask us and it’s not because we’re jealous, we’re just saying.
Rob and Katy reportedly went to a Bjork concert together on Saturday night in LA, (what is this, Iceland in 2005?! #sorrylamejoke), but it wasn’t a date because Rob and Katy left separately and Rob posed for photos with these fans.
Anyways, sources may say that Rob and Katy have “great chemistry” and that Katy is just patiently waiting to date Rob, but we don’t think they would ever work out and here’s why.
1.     Katy Is Too Girly For Rob: Before Kristen, who is a grade-A tomboy, Rob dated a model named Nina Schubert for three years. Now, don’t get it twisted, when we say model, we don’t mean like Victoria’s Secret, she was more like an “Ellen Page” type.
2.     Katy Can’t Let Go of John: Katy is reportedly “back together” with John Mayer. They’ve been spotted at parties together A LOT in the last few weeks, so Katy’s not entirely “over” John enough to get with Rob. Two rebounds don’t make a right.
 3.     Katy Likes Being Famous: Katy is an international pop star. She goes to events and wears latex dresses and likes going to awards shows. Rob hides out in the dirty parts of LA and scowls at paparazzi and doesn’t even go to major awards shows. They would never agree on fame.
4.     Kristen Stewart Would Lose It: There’s nothing worse for an ex-girlfriend than finding out that your boyfriend moved on with ONE OF YOUR MUTUAL FRIENDS! A friend he knew during the entire time YOU TWO were dating! OMG Kristen would hate Katy FOREVER if she dated Rob. Whatever, all is fair in love and war, amirite?
5.     Rob’s Not Katy’s Type: Katy dated bad boy rapper Travie McCoy. She also dated that actor Johnny Lewis who killed that woman and committed suicide. She married Russell Brand who is a former sex addict, and is now kind of back with Hollywood lothario John Mayer. Robert Pattinson is a nerd with a good stylist. There’s no danger in RPatz other than he drinks like a Brit. 
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