Why is Cameron Diaz Kissing Lady Gaga’s Boyfriend?

Though she’s rumored to be dating a billionaire businessman and he’s actually in a relationship with Lady Gaga, these two are doing some serious embracing.
So why is Cameron Diaz making out with Taylor Kinney?

It’s for their movie, of course. The two are both appearing in The Other Woman, which is a complicated romp about a married man who romances three other women. Those three women being Cameron, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton.
Nicki Minaj is also in the flick and somehow makes sense in this weird love square. It's not clear if Taylor plays the "guy" with three other girlfriends, we think he plays one of Cameron's side-pieces along the way.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney have been keeping their romance under wraps lately. There hasn’t been a sighting, tweet, or interview from these two in DAYS. We ASSUME they are still together.
As for Cameron. She’s actually NOT dating Elon Musk, the billionaire PayPal and Tesla Motors CEO.
“I’m not dating Cameron Diaz,” says Elon himself, “I don’t know where people got that from.”

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