Whoa, Amanda Bynes Gets a Dog

We’re still crying over OG Mally, the poor monkey Justin Bieber abandoned in the cold man-made wilderness of a German zoo/refugee camp, but now there’s a new pet in town that’s giving us even more cause for concern.
Amanda Bynes has a brand new dog.
An actual, real-life, living, breathing dog that can't stop peeing itself, probably.

The actress created a frenzy when she casually stepped out for a day of shopping at a New York City mall—the Westfield Garden State Plaza, if you want to get your Stalking Amanda Bynes Agenda in order for the next couple weeks—attracting all kinds of attention by just being Amanda Bynes.
Because she wanted to put all her bad ideas on display (that unbrushed wig, for one), she also had a small dog with her and based on the photos, it appears to be a new addition to the Bynes family. We know Amanda adopted a small dog in 2011 named Tiara, but the little pup she was seen carrying around the mall, which appeared to be a Pomeranian, looked different—a darker coat of brown and slightly smaller in size.

Even with all the activity stirring around her (Amanda was heard yelling “No, no pictures” and muttering to herself, according to eyewitnesses), the dog seemed calm and content.
Amanda hardly seems fit to take care of herself, let alone another anything-with-a-pulse. Until someone can guarantee this dog's safety for us, we’ll just be here behind our keyboards shaking uncontrollably.
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