What will Sonam Kapoor be known as – actor or fashionista?

Our Tarot reader tells us if Sonam Kapoor will ever be able to break free from her style diva status and be known as a serious actor

Sonam Kapoor is known more as a fashionista rather than for her acting skills in Bollywood. Will this imbalance be changing anytime soon? Will she ever be recognised as an actor? Should she just stick to fashion? Will some of her upcoming films propel her career? Tarot looks into all this and more.
Acting vs Fashion
Acting does not come naturally to Sonam – the Ten of Wands and Swords show her having to work really hard for her to deliver the performance that she does, yet her acting remains on the surface. She will have to develop her instincts and sensitivity towards her roles if she is to find success in her craft. The next three years show a developing career graph. As 2016 approaches, number 6 becomes her personal year number – it’s in this year where better films and respect will be gained.
On the other hand, the Three of Cups represents the fashionista in her. It certainly comes naturally to her. There is effort there, but it is not taxing on her sensibilities. The Sun and the Four of Pentacles does show her making a foray into the fashion world with much success, maybe even through her own label.
Sonam’s next release, Raanjhanaa opposite Dhanush will see great success. The Wheel of Fortune, along with the Ten of Pentacles does show this film to be a box office success. But, with the Star card falling out for Dhanush, he is bound to steal the show through his instinctive and natural acting. Audiences will take to him, and hence Sonam will not receive the recognition she would expect for her role in the film.
As represented by the Queen of Swords, Sonam will be quite clinical in her performance in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Despite her constant and genuine efforts towards her work, her abilities will be sidelined. This movie will do well too, but more because of Farhan Akhtar who is being represented by the Hermit – wise, smart and strong. He will deliver a performance which audiences will connect to.
Personal Life
As a Gemini, it will always be a little harder for Sonam to commit and give priority to a relationship. The changeability in her and her focus towards work will not see her in love anytime soon. In fact, this will be good for her as the Three of Swords does show a recent breakup, which has left her with aversion towards relationships for sometime. Although August does look like a promising month for romance to re-enter, but Sonam may just keep this person on hold.
Acting and fashion will continue to grow for Sonam, but the imbalance of it will continue too. It will be important for her explore these areas further over the course of the next three years before she finds a comfortable footing in her career.
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