Paris Hilton Thinks Kim K's Obsessed With Her

Shell of ‘00s gossip blog fodder, Paris Hilton has more than 540 addresses to call “home” (that’s how many Hilton hotels there are globally) and in her actual Beverly Hills pad there are throw pillows with her smirking face on them.
Needless to say, she lives in her own world, and in this glossy and manicured existence she calls “the simple life,” people are still like, totally obsessed with her and stuff.
The Daily Beast asked Paris what she thinks about someone that, if you’re a well-adjusted human being who breathes fresh air and not TMZ, probably hasn’t heard of (Kim Kardashian) following the heiress’ step-by-sex-tape-step instruction manual to stardom.
"People say it all the time, but it’s not something I really think about,” Paris replied, right before immediately contradicting that answer by elaborating on it and therefore illustrating she does really think about it all of the time.
“I’ve seen a lot of girls in Hollywood try to duplicate what I’ve done because I was the first one to do all of this. I think it’s flattering to see that people want to be like me, I guess.”
Oh, Paris, still precious as ever, a one-woman prequel to Grey Gardens if you couldn’t tell. Because really the only part of her worth being obsessed with in 2013 is that one song she had seven years ago. And only in the summer, when you’re buzzed off four Mojitos and no one's looking.
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