Lindsay Lohan Leaves Rehab During Drug Bust

Our precious Lindsay Lohan has somehow managed to put one foot in front of the other, because word on the streets of Palm Springs is she’s on the move again and it's because of serious drug drama at the rehab center.
The actress who’s been ordered to serve 90-days in rehab has checked out of the Betty Ford rehab center—throwing a peace sign up in the air with a burning Marlboro red between her fingers, slurring, “B*tch, be out!”—then slow-crawled her way to a different rehab center.
Why? Because some other patient at Betty Ford (not Lindsay) smuggled in drugs and Lindsay snitched on her! Michael Lohan tells Hollyscoop, "Someone smuggled drugs in on a visit and patients were relapsing. Not Lindsay, she tested negative."
Apparently Lindsay told Betty Ford staffers about the smuggled drugs which ended in one of the rehab employees getting fired. So this, combined with the fact that Michael says, "Lindsay was not getting individual therapy as promised," caused Lindsay to jump ship.
Lindsay checked herself into Cliffside treatment center in Malibu of which she ultimately had the blessings of her prosecuting attorneys, her own lawyer, and the judge presiding over this entire circus of a case. Everyone wins.
The rationale? Betty Ford is like the crème de la crème for a 30-day rehabilitation program, but for a more extended recovery, transferring to a new locale is in the actress’s best interest—a warm cup of chicken soup for her soul.
She’s currently settling into the Cliffside address now and no, they don’t allow their patrons to simply sneak in a little Adderall on the side.
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