Kanye West Accused of Cheating on Pregnant Kim Kardashian


Cancel all predispositions you had of True Love because you’re about to throw them all out the window with your DVD copies of Disney princess movies after you read this report—the report that Kanye West cheated on Kim Kardashian.
An aspiring 24-year-old model from Canada named Leyla Ghobadi—this is the part where some girl named Leyla Ghobadi wants you to Google “Leyla Ghobadi”—comes clean to Star about a supposed tryst she had with the rapper in July 2012.
Kanye was putting on a concert at Revel’s Ovation Hall in Atlantic City, a show that, in keeping with the soap opera nature of Kim’s life she also—gasp!—attended, when Leyla said she was invited backstage for cocktails at Kanye’s personal request via a stagehand.
Kanye then reportedly invited her back to his hotel room, “but I refused, as I felt it was too rushed,” Leyla said. He then showered her with free tickets to the another concert and backstage passes before asking her to accompany him to his hotel room, but she turned him down again.
That’s when Kanye revealed she didn’t have to worry about Kim because it was all “for publicity and nothing serious.” That was enough to allay her worries so she went to his hotel room where they “began to make out for a while” and the next thing she knew, “we were both naked and having sex.”
The two allegedly met again in October where they may or may not have slept together another time, but we don’t know because this is the part of the report where we stopped reading.
For a control freak like Kanye who breathes fire any time x17 or Getty posts a picture of him in his leather kilt, dating and getting Kim pregnant “for publicity” sounds far-fetched.
According to Kim Kardashian's rep the cheating allegations are "not true."
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