Justin Bieber Slammed With Battery Lawsuit

 Justin Bieber, who is no stranger to controversy piled onto more controversy, is being sued by a photographer for an alleged attack that involved Justin’s bodyguards, one of whom threatened him with a gun.
A police report for the incident was filed last week Wednesday, June 5, after the photographer Jeffrey Binion, took pictures of Justin outside a recording studio in Miami.
The offense-incident report cites Justin and his bodyguard Hugo Hesney. Binion said that Hesney threw him against a wall by the throat and “displayed a gun” that was concealed under his shirt while other bodyguards went through his camera equipment to remove a memory card.
Binion also takes issue with Justin for putting the whole spectacle in motion by ordering Hesney to go after him.

Binion’s lawyer on Justin’s behavior: "Justin Bieber is now an adult, and he should act like one. He needs
to learn that he cannot use bodyguards as weapons to harm innocent people. Bieber’s violent behavior toward photographers must end, and he should take responsibility for his actions."
"No amount of fame or fortune justifies Bieber’s shameful and outrageous conduct. To send him that message and deter his misbehavior in the future, we will seek punitive damages against him as allowed by Florida law."
Ever on a crusade to show the world that he’s “an artist and should be taken seriously” (his words, at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards), Justin’s been getting increasingly more and more defensive around paparazzi. Maybe it’s time for a new plan?
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