Josh Gad: Robert Downey Jr. Owes Me Money

Sometimes when you are super rich, you still need to lean on someone poorer than you to buy a cup of coffee. It makes no sense, but then again Miley Cyrus just twerked at a concert over the weekend and that didn’t make sense to anyone either.
Josh Gad, star of The Internship tells OK! About the time he was a struggling actor in LA and Robert Downey Jr. asked if Josh could spot him five bucks.
“I came out here early on and stayed with my friend Seth and I go into this Coffee Bean, and I was totally starstruck at this point. This guy grabs me and goes, 'Matt, Matt!' Like grabs me really hard. I’m like, 'I’m not Matt.' I’m wearing this baseball cap and shades, and he’s like, 'Matt! It’s me! Spade.' And it’s like David Spade,” says Josh.
 Don’t worry, we’re getting to the Downey Jr. part now.
Josh continues, “I walked in and was like, ‘you guys won’t believe who I just ran into.’ I’m saying this and turn around, and the person that I’m talking to is not my friend, but it’s Robert Downey Jr. This was before Iron Man and all that. I look at him, and he goes, ‘Oh, I’m so glad you met David Spade. That’s so cool. By the way, can you lend me five bucks to buy a coffee?’ This really happened.”
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