6 Celebrities Who Struggled Through Rehab

At this rate, it’s more like which celebrities haven’t been in rehab, amirite?
Because every other week, scrolling through an entertainment gossip blog feels like watching a slightly altered version of “Celebrity, Interrupted” starring [Insert-Prominent-Public-Figure-Of-The-Moment Here] on its marquee.
Here are some of those memorable episodes—and we’re not just talking the kind for “exhaustion”—that were hard to forget. Starting with…
Brooke Mueller with 20 attempts at rehab. Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife is known to be an extensive crystal meth abuser and has tried to kick her addiction multiple times at the Betty Ford Center.
In 2011, she completed a 45-day outpatient rehab program for her substance problems, only to relapse and check back in last December.
In just the past two years, she’s suffered a total of six overdoses, which all required hospitalization. After the most recent O.D. episode she was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold at the UCLA Medical Center, where she then lost custody of her twin boys.
Robert Downey Jr. with 4 attempts, and his final time definitely worked. His first stint was in 1996, followed by two more in 1998 and 1999, only to finally clean up his act in 2001. The formerly troubled substance abuser had a rocky road to sobriety which finally paid off—he got his career back on track and is celebrated for his sobriety as much as he’s celebrated for his role as Iron Man.

Lindsay Lohan with 6 attempts (and counting). Lindsay’s currently at the Betty Ford Center, serving her court-ordered 90-day rehab sentence. Only time will tell if this is her final stint.
Courtney Love with 180 days in rehab. Courtney has struggled with substance abuse, namely heroin, throughout her life, starting as young as 19. But it wasn’t until a court ordered her in 2006 to serve a six-month rehab sentence that she finally cleaned up her act. She was also productive while in lockdown, writing a memoir with diary entries, poems, drawings and more. Her album Nobody’s Daughter also reflected on her struggles to stay sober, many of its lyrics written while she was in recovery during that time.
Britney Spears with 2 attempts. It all started when Britney voluntarily checked herself into rehab for depression, then checked out 24 hours later, shaved her head, got a tattoo that eventually led—you guessed it—right back to rehab.

Matthew Perry with 3 attempts. The “Friends” star was admitted into rehab in 1991 and 2001 for addiction to prescription painkillers and alcohol. Then in 2011, in an effort to be proactive about his recovery, Matthew told TMZ that he planned to “go away for a month to focus on [his] sobriety and to continue [a] life in recovery.” But he brought his trademark sense of humor to the announcement, adding, “Please enjoy making fun of me on the World Wide Web.”
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