Why Liam Hemsworth Is Living In Miley Cyrus’ Guesthouse

For a hot minute, we honestly stopped caring about the Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus drama. Miley’s been wearing her engagement ring, so we just assumed they were fine again and gave up caring about them.
Well, it turns out they are NOT back together. Apparently Miley is delusional and Liam’s living in the guesthouse because he’s such a good guy and he doesn’t have the heart to move out until Miley finally realizes they aren’t getting back together.  
Living in the same house probably won’t help someone get over a broken engagement, but what do we know, we’re not famous engaged 20-year-olds, so…
In Touch is reporting that Miley is living in the master bedroom and Liam is staying in the guest house and is afraid to move out because last time he and Miley broke up, she went nuts.
“She was crying and calling and texting him all the time. Everyone was really worried for her, especially Liam,” says the source, “He’s a good guy. He loves her, but he knows that they’re not right for each other. He just wants to make sure that she’s in a good place before he moves out and they officially announce their split.”
So Miley is either living in denial OR she’s just so media trained she realized that the media buzz calms down every time she wears her ring.
Either way, we’re not going to be surprised AT ALL when if they announce their split.
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