Underaged Justin Bieber Caught Drinking Beer

Justin Bieber, who is only 19-years-young is drinking a beer!
Bieber, clearly not understanding the legal drinking age in the Americas (which is a strict 21-years-old!) was caught abusing the power of the South African 18-year-old drinking age and slurped on a cold one much to the chagrin of his PRE-PUBESCENT Instagram followers!
Bieber licks his lips with carbonated glee as he grips an Amstel Light, a beer popular with women who want to watch their figure but also appear like “one of the guys.”
“Beers in the jungle” Bieber captioned the photo.
Justin also posted photos of elephants from the same jungle with captions like, “In the wild” and “God is good.”
Do you know what isn’t good!? UNDERAGE DRINKING! #DARE
Here’s a sampling of some of the comments left by his fans:
“Ew that prob taste like sh*t”
“OMG Justin You drink beer?”
“I saw your movie and I looked up to U, but how am I supposed to do that when you are drinking and getting new tattoos?”
“Oh my God don’t get drunk”
Hopefully Justin Bieber gets his act together before he does something worse, like drive without a seatbelt, eat before swimming or WORSE, stay up past his bedtime!!!!
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