This Is What Amanda Bynes Looks Like When She Works Out

Here’s a workout your trainer isn’t teaching you at 24 Hour…
Amanda Bynes twerking working out at her gym.
Someone who goes to the same gym as the actress caught her going H.A.M. on an elliptical, throwing her arms about as if independent from the rest of her body, and we feel exhausted just watching it.

Whatever it is, let’s just hope this is not the new Zumba, CrossFit, or whatever suicidal fitness craze is popular at the moment, because hell to the no.
This is a crazy train we’re not jumping on.
We’re not fit enough.
Disclaimer: This video is only of the side of her face, so we aren't 100% sure it's her. However, the original user who posted it to Facebook also wrote that she was wearing flip-flops and sunglasses and if we know anything about Amanda Bynes, it's that she loves both those things. We believe it.
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