Taylor Swift’s Cat Flies Via Private Jet

To put into perspective just how rich Taylor Swift is…her cat flies first class.
Taylor just posted this photo of her cat Meredith sleeping on a private jet. The funny part is that Taylor thought the craziest part of the photo is that her cat sleeps with her head in her stomach and not that the cat flies on A DAMN PRIVATE JET!
Also, yeah, the cat uses its body as a pillow. Lol, cat memes, omg, cats, the internetz, lal!
“Found her sleeping like this,” Taylor explained, “No idea how she didn’t suffocate on her own fur.”

In case you had any doubts that Taylor is slowly morphing into a cat lady, well, she is.
This is the same cat that Taylor called “her longest relationship.
“Meredith is such a cute cat – she looks like an owl. She’s so chilled out. She’s not impressed by anything. It’s the one long-term relationship that I’ve had,” Taylor previously revealed.
Ohhh, it’s like half sad/half cute.
We can’t tell if we feel sorry for Taylor or if we want to watch Youtube videos of cats for the next three hours…
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