Taylor Swift is Annoying All of Her Neighbors

Taylor Swift is getting all cozy and comfortable in her new $17 million Rhode Island mansion, but don’t go knocking on her door asking to borrow a cup of sugar any time soon.
Make that any time ever.
Like, ever, ever, ever, never.
The pop star is asserting further domain over her newly purchased Watch Hill grounds by restricting her neighbors from accessing its public beach. According to Radar, the “property line is at the path to the public beach and she always has guards patrolling the area.”
On another side of her palace, there’s a beach wall where local teens congregate and these same guards are always strolling on over to herd them away.
Some defiant tweets from the front lines:
“taylor swift wants to BUY the only path to the state baech um NO” – @chlamydiaboi
“Hey @taylorswift13 Tell your guards to stop harassing people who have hung out on the beach wall for years” – @mattbreezy860
“@taylorswift13 that beach has been in public use for over 75 years and now you bought it and suddenly anyone using the beach is harassing U” – @jermanicus169
Sounds like Taylor’s attempt to turn this sleepy seaside town into her own real life Disneyland castle is becoming everyone else’s own Alcatraz prison.
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