Ryan Lochte Gets Shirtless, Flaunts Abs

America’s collective fraternity brother, Ryan Lochte has left Greek life, but he isn’t going anywhere thanks to his new E! reality TV series, the high-stakes game show “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?”
High-stakes because Ryan is an unpredictable fellow—not because he’s a crazy loose cannon, but because he’s a bit dopey and unassuming, like the wobbly leg of a table—making every one of the ordinary and pedestrian decisions he makes rife with suspense in this game we’ll call Ryan’s Everyday Life.
You never know what he’ll say or do, it's as suspenseful as a shaky Jenga tower.
However, this plotline from an upcoming episode of the show has Ryan completely in his element: exposing his abs for practically all of it.
Check out OK! magazine’s photo gallery to see the swimmer, modern day Adonis, and jeah! wordsmith get his abs plastered in a cast torso that can then be preserved for an eternity and eventually dug up by future civilizations when humanity has immigrated to Mars.
Ryan Lochte’s Abs don’t have any lines of dialogue, but we’ll come right out and say that this is their best role since the Summer Olympics of 2012.
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