Robert Pattinson Ditches Kristen Stewart to Jet Out of LA

For the past two months, we’ve had the pleasure of watching Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s whirlwind romance, which consists of trips to the gas station and pouty walks through Coachella, but it’s all come to an end as Rob was spotted heading out of LA on a private jet yesterday.
Okay, we're being dramatic, but a fan did spot Rob going through security at LAX yesterday and tweeted this photo of the back of his head.
Though, we can’t assume that they broke up because Rob has been scheduled to start filming his new movie Mission: Blacklist any day now.

Wonder why Kristen isn’t working while Rob is jet-setting around the world making movies?
Rob’s new movie is about the guy (played by Rob) who spearheaded the mission to find Saddam Hussein. So, not at all like Twilight.
Unfortunately for Kristen, she’s basically having a panic attack that he’s leaving.
“This is by far the happiest Kristen has ever been and she’s more in love with Rob than ever. She is absolutely dreading to have to say goodbye to him when he leaves for his next project,” says a source.
However, we can’t help but notice that Rob and Kristen’s behavior is completely in line with a ton of blind gossip items that claim these two have a “contractual relationship” for publicity for the Twilight films.
This blind gossip item was posted last month, believe it or don’t believe it.
“His contract does obligate him to make public appearances with her, and he is not going to be the one to break their contract. That’s why you still see pictures of them on “dates”… and why fans can continue to fantasize about them being together for all eternity…He will be getting on a plane to Europe very soon, and is scheduled to start shooting a new film in April, so he hopes he won’t have to see her again for a while. He really likes being as far away from her as possible.”
This sounds suspiciously and exactly like Rob and Kristen’s behavior lately. Don’t hate the messenger, hate the blind gossip ok.
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