Rob Pattinson Tells Kristen Stewart No More Sex

Move over, Rupert Sanders.
There’s a new threat to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s *~*undying love*~* and it’s absolutely heartwarming and more embarrassing than your mom…
It’s Kristen’s mom.
Rob and Kristen have been trying to make it work ever since that affair last year and so far, so good. All signs—handholding at Coachella, dipping into one another’s hampers and wearing each other’s wrinkled clothes—appears to have everyone believe it’s working in public.
But not in private.

Reportedly, what’s all merry-ish in pictures is just a facade for paparazzi. Because Rob has a gripe behind closed doors and is unhappy about their current living arrangement with Kristen’s mom Jules Mann-Stewart at her Malibu home.
"Rob told Kristen that living with Jules [Kristen’s mom] has become unbearable,” a source told OK! “He says Jules is driving him nuts and he can't take it.”
It’s also taken a toll on the romance because it leaves no room for intimacy.
"Living with Jules has all but killed their love life. Neither of them have any libido when Jules is around."
The cherry on top of all this is that Rob’s totally alone in the situation and has no one to eye roll with when the two routinely “gang up” on the poor guy.
He’s basically trapped in a miserable “How I Met Your Mother” sitcom we’re going to call “Love Bites” centered around a vampire couple. Tagline: “Moms really do suck!” Cue laugh track.
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