Rob Pattinson Flirting With Brunette After Breakup

We’re still recovering from the nuclear fallout that is the romantic union of Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.
Yes, we heard he straight up ditched the birthday party Kristen planned for him this year. Yes, we saw the pictures of Rob packing his belongings into the bed of a ramshackle truck. Yes, the cartons of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked we ordered in bulk off the Costco website should be delivered to our doorsteps any minute to fill the Rob-and-Kristen-shaped void in our hearts right now.
Someone who isn’t spending his nights alone with his Netflix account however is, surprisingly, Rob.
The actor was seen late last night arriving at the Roosevelt Hotel “all smiles,” an eyewitness told People.

Right around the time most of us were wiping away tears while watching 500 Days of Summer (1 a.m.), Rob was relaxing in the back of the hotel’s club, Teddy’s, at a corner table with friends.
“He sat on the couch at his table and sipped on multiple vodka cocktails throughout the evening,” the source observed of his first night out. “You'd never know he had just gone through a breakup. He was smiling the entire night and was in a really good mood. There wasn't a trace of sadness on his face.”
“He spent most of the night chatting with a brunette,” the source then added. “There was definitely some flirting going on but it was all just talking, there was nothing physical going on between them and they never touched each other.”
Great, Rob already moving on from Kristen at record speed. Just another dose of realness we didn’t need in the middle of a Tuesday.
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