Paris Hilton To Marry Her Boyfriend 'Soon'

Paris Hilton, 32, has hit that point in her life where she’s like, “okay I really want to get married” (technically she’s been engaged twice before, but whatever).
 Here’s the thing, her boyfriend River Viiperi is 21. You know, the age when dudes start thinking about marriage…of course.
Yes, he looks like he’s been carved out of a marble slab. Yes, his face is both geometrically and anatomically perfect. Yes, he’s a freaking Spanish male model. But he’s also only been able to legally drink in the states for a few months and legally cannot rent a car.
But whatever, Paris wants to get married “soon” and she wants it to be with River.
“It could happen soon…I trust him with my life and that means the world to me more than anything,” Paris told the Daily Mirror.

This is the first time Paris has specifically mentioned River in her future life plans. She recently revealed she wanted babies, but it was very vague, like “oh yah, I see children in my future.” But didn’t specifically name him.
Now she’s talking marriage AND River in the same sentence. It’s serious.
We honestly thought this was just a quarter-life crisis or some kind of evolutionary hormonal pairing resulting in a great and totally not serious sex life, but sure go marry River. Maybe you guys can honeymoon at a Cabo Cantina and move into a frat house together.
However, the whole family is all about him.
Her mom Kathy Hilton recently told us, “I really like him. I adore River, he's adorable, he's really, really, very sweet and very mature.”
Congrats. We can’t wait for the wedding. We hope it’s pink.
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