Nicholas Hoult: Jennifer Lawrence and I are “Just Friends”

Booooo. Nicholas Hoult, the dream killer, just confirmed that he and ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence have zero chance of reconciling their relationship because they are “just friends.”
Lammmeeeee. Jen was too good for you anyways! Just kidding, Nicholas is super cute and they made an adorable couple.
After these two were spotted getting dinner in West Hollywood last week, where they reportedly asked for a private dining room, rumors started circulating that they were giving their relationship another go. Private room must mean LOTS of flirting. Either that, or JenLaw just wanted privacy from paparazzi, since she is kind of the biggest celeb on the planet right now.
 Then, the two former lovers were both spotted at the Met Ball on Monday night. There were zero reports that they came or left together, so we have no idea if it was a date night or just two exes getting invited to the same event.

However, Nicholas cleared that right up for us.
“We’re friends,” Nicholas told Us Weekly, denying any reunion. He confirmed that they did get dinner together like we said, but also confirmed that it was just a dinner between two “friends.”
Right...because two friends of the opposite sex go to romantic West Hollywood eateries. Psh, we take our friends to get burritos.
However, these two must be friendly with one another. They are currently filming the second X-Men movie together, the same franchise that brought them together two years ago.
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