Miley Cyrus Smoking a Joint in Broad Daylight?

Check out this photo of Miley Cyrus just waving a suspicious looking cigarette in everyone’s face, practically setting a forest fire to the entire Internet.
As you might recall from the last time the track came on your iPod Shuffle at LA Fitness, Miley has a song called “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks” with her collaborator/dealer Snoop Lion and we think this might be the album art.
 In a torso-baring crop top and leggings (oh, and cute sneakers to boot, babe), Miley must’ve been running a daunting list of stressful errands around West Hollywood—the kind of Gelson’s shopping, post office sending, dry cleaner delivering sort that warrants a relaxing puff in-between.

That rolled-up ciggie (who knows what’s really in it…) in her hand nearly distracted us from her other hand—Miley Cyrus has two hands: Stars, they’re just like us!—which is displaying her sparkly diamond engagement ring.
Miley is prone to leave everyone guessing when she steps out with or without her ring on, even amidst all the rocky relationship rumors between herself and Liam Hemsworth.
You just never know when she’ll have it on or when she’ll have it off. It’s like if the day ends in the letter “Y,” she wears her ring, and if the day ends in the letter “Y,” she doesn’t wear her ring. There’s really no rhyme or reason to her rebellious ways.
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