‘Married To Jonas’ — Kevin Jonas Tells Dani To Choose Him Over A Job

Dani gets an amazing opportunity that will keep her in NYC just as Kevin is about to head to South America on tour — will she choose her career over family?

Kevin Jonas tells Danielle Jonas he has worked so hard to make sure they stay together while the Jonas Brothers tour South America. But on the May 5 episode of Married To Jonas, Dani gets a career boost that might mean they have to stay apart. What will happen to their relationship?

Danielle Jonas & ‘Cosmo’: Kevin Jonas Wants Dani To Choose Him Instead

Cosmopolitan invites Danielle to a meeting at their NYC offices. They want Danielle to write a cooking feature for their Come Over column in the lifestyle section.
Dani says she wants to make Italian food and is excited to do a photo shoot and spread for the magazine. “I’m so excited,” Dani tells Kevin when she gets home. “They are doing a photo shoot with me.”
When Kevin asks if she’ll be able to leave for their South American tour, just days away, Dani isn’t sure. ”There are deadlines. I don’t know if I can leave.”
“I don’t want you to hinder what you want to do. But I want to be with you,” Kevin argues.
“But you want me to go on tour,” which does hinder the things Dani wants to do, she says.
“The one time I get an opportunity…now this is my turn to do something…I’ll meet you if I can, Kevin!” Dani screams back at her husband.
Kevin says if she wants a baby within a year, she should come on tour as this is a “last hurrah.”

The Jonas Brothers Pick An Opening Act

Meanwhile, Joe Jonas tells Dani’s little brother, Mikey, that they want him to be the opening act on their tour. He’s pretty nervous since his biggest show was for 1,200 people, and Kevin says that’s only the first two rows at a JB concert!

WATCH: Dani Wants A Career

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