Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Shut Down Disneyland to Renew Vows

Singer Mariah Carey renewed her wedding vows to actor/comedian/her butler Nick Cannon and it was the fifth anniversary of their dreams.
Since nothing gets in the way of ~*true love*~, not even pesky peasants with dirty season passes, the couple shut down Disneyland to make it a reality.
Now, we can already see you rolling your eyes, putting your sleep mask back on with a yawn, because how predictable of Mariah. But to the singer's credit the venue does make perfect sense considering that every morning when Mariah wakes up songbirds, squirrels, and the mice that live in her mansion walls dress her anyway.
To help you separate the fact from fiction regarding the details, here are the highlights:
– Mariah slipped into her pajamas (a princess inspired bridal gown) after checking into the Dream Suite at Disneyland, which is located above the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.
– Mariah and their daughter Monroe had a horse-drawn Crystal Carriage arranged to take them to Main Street where they were greeted by Nick and their son Moroccan.
– Together, they walked down an aisle leading to the Sleeping Beauty Castle.
– Instead of renewing their vows with traditional jargon, they were asked, “Do you believe in fairy tales?” (They just walked down an aisle to the Sleeping Beauty Castle; yes, they believe in fairy tales)
– 250 guests waited in Fantasyland for a champagne toast; the arena was adorned with 15,000 flowers imported from South Africa, Holland, and France, along with 10,000 crystals imported from the extra crystals Mariah just had lying around in her basement that she wasn't using
– Later, Nick DJ’ed the reception, probably to save on costs.
Now the proceedings may have sounded a little over the top for your average, run-of-the-mill third, nay fourth, wedding vow renewal ceremony, but this is a fifth wedding anniversary we’re talking about. In celebrity years, that basically means a lifetime, so you do the math. Or get Cinderella to do it for you.
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