Liam Hemsworth’s Bros Plan "Dump Miley" Intervention

For the last two months we’ve heard so many variations on the “Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are breaking up” rumor that quite frankly, we’re sick of it.
She wears a ring. She doesn’t wear a ring. She calls him her fiancé and then calls him her boyfriend. We honestly can’t keep up and are beginning to NOT care. But THIS story finally caught our attention…Liam’s bros staged an intervention to get him to end his engagement!
 We kind of had an idea that Liam’s brothers didn’t like Miley. We’re sure Liam had to deal with all kinds of “Leave her bro” talk from his brothers when he took that trip to Australia for a week.
“They want him to end the romance for good,” a source just told Us Weekly.
Apparently last month, Chris and Luke Hemsworth staged an actual intervention to get Liam to dump Miley.

Last we checked, Miley and Liam had reportedly ended their engagement but are still “together,” just not actively planning a wedding.
However, the newest reports show Miley and Liam growing further apart.
Last Wednesday, Miley was partying at Beacher’s Madhouse while Liam was out at Chateau Marmont. They never do anything together anymore and a source says, “Liam’s pulling away.”
However, those same sources say that they haven’t officially broken up yet as Miley is desperate to save their relationship.
"She's hoping to save the relationship by enlisting a therapist. She knows that Liam is one foot out the door because he is always questioning if she is the same girl he fell in love with," adds the source.
So it's a total on-again, off-again thing because "Miley changed" or whatever, but what did you expect from a relationship with a twenty-year-old? Homegirl wants to experiment with her with it or move on because quite frankly, our fingers are cramped.
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