Liam Hemsworth Fights Off Ladies In Cannes

While Miley Cyrus was trolling the Billboard Music Awards so that everyone knows when her new single comes out (It’s June 3rd, calm down), her fiancé Liam Hemsworth was mingling at the Cannes Film Festival and apparently girls were throwing themselves at him. But he was having none of it.
A source at a party with Liam told E! News that Liam was super faithful to Miley and was not “giving any ladies the time of day.”
Apparently girls were throwing stuff at Liam to try and get his attention. The source says they were throwing ice cubes and lipstick at him, because that’s normal.
But Liam ignored them and was only chatting with his manager and agent. But he DID hang out with Jennifer Lawrence who was also in Cannes to promote the Hunger Games sequel. They looked pretty cozy sitting on a couch together in the VIP section of a party, but it was that kind of self-conscious sitting where both were careful to make sure not even an elbow touched the other person.
Back in the states, Miley was wearing her engagement ring while at the Billboard Music Awards and has been tweeting photos with the ring this last week as well.
So, they ARE back together?
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