Leonardo DiCaprio Considering Acting Break and Marriage

The most notorious player in Hollywood right now is Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s kind of filling the shoes of former great romeos like Jack Nicholson and George Clooney and while we kind of think it would be great if Leo spent his sunset years sailing into the actual sunset on a yacht filled with bikini-clad models, Leo is considering getting married.
 Despite always romancing chicks under the age of 23, Leo says he isn’t sweating his upcoming 40th birthday  (“I’m feeling great”) and he’s also down to get hitched.
“I take it as it comes,” is how Leo describes his relationship status, “We’ll see what happens in the future. I don’t try to determine what the future will be. I take it day by day.”
He says, before chartering a yacht to sail around the south of France with three blonde models whose names are all “Jessica.”

If Leo got hitched soon, who would even make a good wife for the playboy? His most recent girlfriends were Blake Lively, Erin Heatherton, and Bar Refaeli…but those are arm-candy girlfriends, not wives.
Hmmm, Jennifer Love Hewitt? She’d be down FOR SURE. What about Zoey Saldana? Is she too mature for him? Rachel McAdams? Ohh, she fits his “blonde type,” but is she age appropriate? Wait, is it weird that we think he should marry Katy Perry?
 Screw it, he’s gonna date Kate Upton next and you know it.
Further fueling the “Leo might get married” fire, Leo says he’s taking a break from acting.
“To me, right now it’s about getting a little breather – getting some time off. Not a permanent break or not an indefinite period, but you know, just a few months off to do some other things.”
Ugghh, first Ryan Gosling says he’s going to take a break and now Leo DiCaprio is too!? Who is going to play all the good parts!? Bradley Cooper!? Ben Affleck!? C’mon!
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