Kim Kardashian’s Feet “Too Swollen” To Walk

It’s arrived. The worst has happened. Kim Kardashian can’t wear Louboutins any more. Doctor’s orders.
The expectant 32-year-old reality TV star has been instructed by doctors to keep those feet in check during the final trimester of her pregnancy because they’re swelling. Swelling beyond the stiletto shoe rack at Saks.

"My doctor has told me to elevate my feet,” Kim tells a fashion magazine of her latest maternity mayhem. “Can you see how wide and swollen they are? I've just ordered a pair of pointy-toed flats.”
"[My Louboutins] hardly fit me any more,” she adds.
And it was more frightening than you could have ever imagined.

“When I flew in them the other day,” she said, “I landed with one strap unbuckled, as I couldn't get it around my ankle.”
*cue the Psycho violin screech*
On May 4, Kim uploaded an Instagram photo of the trials and tribulations of her high-fashion clad feet. “Swollen feet or a new Givenchy tattoo?” she quizzed, leaving out the correct answer of “Bad decision.”
Maybe this is good that she can’t walk. The last thing we’d want is for her to pull a Kanye West and stroll straight into a pole.
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