Khloe Kardashian Calls Pregnant Sister Kim's Body Critics "True Scum"

Don't go messing with the K sisters!
Khloe Kardashian recently penned a sweet letter in defense of her sister Kim, and the reality star decided to share her younger sibling's heartfelt message on her own blog.
Lamar Odom's wifey blasts her pregnant sister's critics for the jabs they've taken at her weight and body shape, comparing the bullying to the same she endured after gaining a few pounds.
"I find it disturbing that society loves to critique a woman's shape. That is low in and of itself, but I cannot tolerate one more vicious attack on my sister!" Khloe writes.
She even calls Kimmy K's haters "true scum" in a portion of the note!
    "Kim, you may be one of the strongest people I know. I have no idea how you endure such abuse but still smile and shine everyday. I commend you for not putting your head down and going into hiding like so many would," she adds.
The former X-Factor host finishes the letter with some advice for her famous sis!
    "You are perfect the way you are! This is your life! Your body! Your baby! I wish you could see how you have this pregnant glow and you sparkle everyday. Your belly is fantastic... You are growing a miracle inside of you! And I will do anything in my power to protect you!" she gushes.
The sentiments were not lost on the brunette bombshell, either! "I have the best sister in the world. I love you very much, Khloe!" she wrote on her website.
Aww, when the going gets tough, at least your family has your back!
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