Katie Holmes Flirting With New Co-Star?

Let’s analyze the GIANT GRINNY GRIN GRIN on Katie Holmes’ face today because it’s just not something you see gracing your computer screens (or Katie Holmes’ face for that matter) every Wednesday.

We’re so used to seeing her with a Mona Lisa smirk that when Katie goes full-blown Julia Roberts on us she’s practically unrecognizable. Like, who knew Katie even had teeth, let alone that much teeth?
So while you don’t need a magnifying glass to scope that brilliant smile (1 out of 5 dentist would agree: that’s a brilliant smile), you will for the largely unknown actor Luke Kirby seen standing at her side. Because you probably naturally glazed over that dude in the wrinkled purple-collared shirt thinking it was just a production assistant when that’d be Luke Kirby, Katie’s co-star.

The two have been snapped all over New York City while filming their new movie Mania Days, but here are some photos of the pair allegedly going out for a dinner date on their time off.
Disregard the lady in green carrying around a walkie talkie in all the photos—we want to believe this is a genuine Katie in the wild moment and that she’s not still on set.
That said, their chemistry looks indecipherable from photos earlier this week, so be your own judge.
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