Kate Middleton to Throw First Royal Baby Shower

It’s not traditionally British, but neither is Kate Middleton in the context of the royal family. She's from the North Country, but wears Topshop because she's super modern like that.
Now a new report from The Sun is claiming that the Duchess is set to have the first royal baby shower ever and that her sister Pippa Middleton is planning the festivities.
Baby showers are traditionally an American affair—we know this because there wasn’t a single episode on Downton Abbey centered around a Grantham baby shower—but it supposedly has the Queen’s blessing. There will be Jo Malone and White Company goodies for guests to take home.
A source, who doesn’t know how baby showers work apparently, told the mag that “it will be a great day for everyone” because, no, it’ll be a great day for Kate, not the poor Toys R Us employees who’ll have to deal with the desperate cries of invitees who don’t know what the hell to get an heir to the British throne.
This baby already has everything it’s ever going to need, which makes getting a gift for this particular occasion especially tricky.
Suggestions: A mini fascinator made out of construction paper. One of those services where you can buy a star in the sky and they send you a hokey certificate you’ll forget about in two weeks. A box of Cheerios and be all like "Cheerio, British baby's first food!" A onesie with one tag customized to say "Fit for a King/Queen."
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