Justin Bieber Will Sue If You Snitch At His Parties

You want to be BFFs and bumping Beiber-y elbows with Justin Bieber, don’t you? (Rhetorical question, obviously, since right after a Furby, it’s what every teenager is asking their parents for around birthdays and Christmas in 2013.)
Just make you have a real sweet $5 million dollars to spare because The Brotherhood of Bieber membership fee isn’t cheap. We know what you’re thinking—that’s like all your “chores” allowance, but don’t fret, it’s not an upfront charge, more like the price you pay for being the worst friend ever (i.e., just don't be the worst friend ever).
You see, if you get invited to one of Justin’s swaggy house parties, before you humblebrag on Facebook, DO NOT HUMBLEBRAG ON FACEBOOK OMG SOCIAL SUICIDE because he makes you sign a Liability Waiver and Release document warning that you will be sued if you dare to mention anything about what happens inside the Republic of Bieber to any other living, breathing soul.

TMZ has copies of the forms, which specify that there be no tweeting, blogging, Instagramming, getting into a time machine and Xangaing either. Just some classic “keep you friends closer, keep your enemies with Twitter closer” legal speak here really.

To be fair, most lawyers who aren't Elle Woods have their celebrity clients present their friends and family with these types of materials. We don’t have to watch 5,000 episodes of “Judge Judy” to tell you that’s just plain smart.
But what could Bieber possibly be hosting in that mansion that's so scandalous you have to sign yours and your great-great-great-great grandchildren's college tuition away just to attend?
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