How Nina Dobrev Is Getting Over Ian Somerhalder

Breakups aren’t like they used to be.
If you were friends with a couple that split, it took a lot more effort on your part to check up on what flavors of Ben & Jerry’s both were stuffing their faces with as a coping mechanism.
You’d have to hear it through the grief grapevine of your other close friends, phone calls, maybe even meet up with one of them in real life (vintage!).
That was a long, long time ago, though, in the year 2006 because now we have Twitter.

America’s second favorite vampire couple Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have called it quits and while sad, we’re happy to say Nina’s doing fine.
In her first tweet since the breakup, she didn’t send any red flags into the air. No Klondike bars or empty Snickers wrappers littering her bedspread. She tweeted a picture of HEALTHY FOOD, a vegetarian salad dish from LA eatery, Café Gratitude.
“Food for the mind soul and body : Health, friends and family,” she captioned the image of her meal.
It’s not as telling as Ian’s tweet, which appeared to be very much directed at Nina, but this is what we have to work with.
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