Former Britney Spears' Choreographer Claims Michael Jackson Molested Him

Four years since Michael Jackson has passed away, a former friend and dancer/choreographer Wade Robson is coming forward with claims that Michael Jackson molested him when he was a boy despite testifying on TWO occasions in the past that MJ never did anything inappropriate to him.
Wade was a longtime friend of Michael’s as well as a choreographer in the '90s for Britney Spears and 'N SYNC.
 So why the change of heart, Wade? Wade claims he was molested by Michael but denied it in the past because he suffered from “repressed memory” and is only now either a) able to remember it or b) willing to talk about it.
It should also be mentioned that Wade is asking for money from the Michael Jackson Estate as damages for the childhood sexual abuse he suffered.
Wade did testify in 2005 that while he had sleepovers at MJ’s homes from the ages of 7 to 14, he claimed MJ never molested him. Wade is now 30 years old and recanting that story.
Michael isn’t alive, so if Wade is looking for peace of mind, he’s already got it. Many fans are attacking him for coming forward with the allegations now, long after Michael’s death, in an attempt to make some money.
However, during the same trial in which Wade denied being molested by MJ, the family housekeeper Blanca Francia testified that she saw Jackson in the shower with Wade when the boy was 8 or 9. So, who knows…
In case you were curious, Wade Robson is the guy that Britney Spears cheated on Justin Timberlake with. Yep, he was choreographing for Britney at the time and is the reason JT went on to write, “Cry Me A River.”
So controversy is kind of Wade’s “thing.” Here’s a reel of Wade dancing, check out how almost all of his moves look like Michael Jackson’s signature style.
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