Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova "Married" 12 Times Already

A bogus tabloid story came out this morning that claimed Enrique Iglesias and his girlfriend of 12 years Anna Kournikova were planning to wed soon in a huge blowout wedding with “A-list” celebrity guests like Nicole Scherzinger and Eva Longoria.

Right, because the man who said, “I’ve never really thought marriage would make a difference,” is going to have a Kardashian-sized wedding ceremony.
We didn’t bat an eyelash at the wedding rumors. Why? Because these two have supposedly gotten “married” and divorced several times in the last 12 years.
June 1, 2003: A news report claimed they were married in secret in the Dominican Republic.
December 16, 2004: Just kidding about that first wedding, they actually got married in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico after Anna was overheard telling fans at a tennis event that they got hitched.
December 11, 2006: The couple host a “Hanukkah party” (didn’t know either of them were Jewish) in reports that continually refer to them as man and wife.
May 27, 2007: Enrique reportedly told a Swedish newspaper that he and Anna are divorced and he was on the prowl for a new GF.
April 19, 2008: Well, that was a short-lived divorce. Now, sources claim Iglesias has been trying to get married to Anna for years and she keeps shooting him down. Does Enrique not know they’ve already been married twice?
June 29, 2008: Enrique himself admitted that he and Anna DID get married then got divorced, but some gossip bloggers reported at the time that he liked to give BS interviews to purposefully throw off the media, so…

September 25, 2009: The couple was spotted shopping at a Cartier shop in Paris, which in Hollywood always means, “engagement ring shopping.”
November 20, 2010: Flash forward a year, and Anna is spotted wearing a giant ring on her engagement finger.
November 30, 2010: Ten days later, those engagement ring rumors turned into full-on “secret wedding” rumors.
April 14, 2011: During a concert in Moscow, Enrique introduces Anna onstage as “my wife Anna.” So they got hitched?
December 26, 2012: Despite the fact that Anna wore an “engagement ring” back in 2010, she is spotted wearing a different “engagement ring” again.
Today: They are reportedly planning an elaborate upcoming wedding. You know, just as elaborate as their previous four weddings.
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