Dave Franco Explains His Homoerotic Videos

If you haven’t heard of James Franco’s hot younger brother Dave Franco, then you are wasting your life. We’ve been obsessively riding the Dave Franco bandwagon since he uploaded the hilarious “Acting With James Franco” on FunnyorDie.com about five years ago.
Since then he’s made a name for himself making funny shorts for FunnyorDie.com namely because most of his videos feature tons of man loving.
We mean that like, he hooks up with dudes in the videos and it's the greatest thing ever.
“It is one of these things where people ask me, ‘why do you make videos like this?’ It is not like I am intentionally thinking, ‘I am going to make this very homoerotic video.’ I am drawn towards things and make things that feel different and original. I don't know why they always end up having gay themes but that is the way that it is,” Dave tells Ct9 at the press junket in New Orleans for his new movie, Now You See Me.
He’s got “You’re So Hot With Chris Mintz-Plasse” where he and Chris exchange “Your So Hot”-ism’s like, “You’re so hot, I wanna smoke bath salts and eat your d*ck off.”
That was the least vulgar line, by the way.
Even when he makes a video that you think is purely hetero, like, “Would You Rather” where he hooks up with his best girlfriend, he pulls off the covers at the last minute to reveal she has a penis.

He also makes love to himself in “Go F*ck Yourself” where he literally does that.
Funny, hot, controversial? Sure. Either way, Dave, don’t stop doing what you’re doing because you have a huge gay following (and chick following).
“I think there is a gay following,” he tells us, “The ones I know about are amazing and once they are onboard they are there the whole way. I would love for that to continue.”
So, any new projects in the pipeline for Dave? Gay or otherwise?
“I am working on a comedy called Townies. It is a big Seth Rogen comedy and it is very homoerotic. A lot of male nudity. A lot of penis jokes,” he adds.
In case “Dave Franco,” “male nudity” and “penis jokes” in the same sentence wasn’t enough to jump-start your daydreams, Zac Efron is also in it. We’ll let that soak in.
When you run out of Dave Franco comedy shorts online, you can see Dave in the epic-magician-thriller-bank-heist flick Now You See Me, which hits theaters on May 31.

You're So Hot: Part Deux with Dave Franco & Chris Mintz-Plasse from Dave Franco
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