Check Out Britney Spears Doing Yoga with Her Dog

It’s a Friday and you need a little laugh this morning, which leads us inevitably to Britney Spears. Here’s a photo of Britney balancing her dog on her hand while doing yoga.
Yes, it’s Photoshopped, but photos with ridiculous descriptions like this usually are.

Hannah Spears, Britney’s dog with her own Twitter handle and tens of thousands more followers than you will ever have (ha!), threw her weight around and lent some four-legged support to her owner during a warrior pose.

“Sometimes Mommy needs me to help her with her yoga :)”, Hannah tweets.
It's not exactly surprising to see a pooch in Los Angeles participating in a little yoga; LA dogs really are a whole other breed. Even their leashes are made by Lululemon and they like, hardly eat.
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